The Large Biologically Filtered Swimming (And Kayaking!) Natural Pool At Daruma Eco Village

After a day in the tropical heat, the natural pool at Daruma offers a chlorine-free way to refresh & cleanse.

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Water Source

The water at Daruma comes from Bang Phra reservoir, a large body of water taken from the Green Mountains of Chon Buri.  The water is used for agricultural irrigation, domestic use, drinking water and fisheries.

The reservoir features one of the largest earth-dams in Thailand, and is a non-hunting wildlife area, with good bicycle paths around the lake.

Biological Filtration

The natural pool at Daruma uses zero chemicals for cleaning or filtration.

This is achieved with the use of shelves to trap larger leaves and organic matter on the surface, filtered drains in deeper parts of the pool, a water fall to oxygenate the water, a gravel-bed stream alongside the pool under the bank of the banyan trees, as well as clarifiers that will offer more ‘mechanical’ filtration.

Rest & Relaxation

After a day in the heat of the Tropics, a dip in the pool can feel immensely refreshing.  The pool is shaded by the surrounding banyan, banana, coconut & other trees, has a patio area to one side, a pontoon, and a shade house on stilts roofed with palm leaves.

The jacuzzi & sauna are adjacent to the pool area and both can be powered by renewable firewood sources such as bamboo & bamboo charcoal grown & produced at Daruma.

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