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Student Testimonials

Neil Willmann is a close friend and partner in Permaculture Design Education.  Over the past 10 years Neil has designed and built Daruma Eco-Farm, a premiere Permaculture education and demonstration site in southeast Thailand.

Daruma Eco-Farm features organic gardens and rice fields, livestock husbandry, natural building, appropriate technology, and also hosts Mosaic School, an alternative international school.

Neil is an encyclopedia of Permaculture wisdom, providing Permaculture Design Courses at Daruma Eco-Farm and also traveling internationally to teach and consult. Together I hope we can continue to support Permaculture in both Thailand and Japan.

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As a graduate from the 2 week permaculture design course at Daruma Eco-farm, I could not recommend this experience enough. Set in a beautiful and convenient location, this dynamic and abundant farm is an excellent classroom for budding and developing permaculturists.

With amazing teachers, fascinating ecology, and innovative systems, this is the ideal location to study permaculture.

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Rachael Maysels, Environmental Science PhD student, Universidad del Cauca, Colombia, Co-founder of Tierras del Sham Educational Research Center

I graduated from Daruma’s first Agile PDC. My background is in the corporate world but on the creative side having worked for PolyGram and Universal Music I moved to New York and spent the last 5 years of my career working for Google’s Creative Lab in New York.

I took a sabbatical from Google and went to Thailand to study with Neil to learn about Permaculture in a concentrated and concise way. In the 2 weeks I spent with Neil we were encouraged to think deeply about global crises – economic, social, ecological and climate change including energy supply and use.

I was fascinated by Neils in depth knowledge of the Permaculture Design process and ethics and the incredible working/hands on set up he has at Daruma Eco-Farm which show permaculture principles in action. As well as this incredible knowledge we also learned about thought tools including SWOT analysis, MOPP, SMART criteria and LogFrame techniques as well as survey analysis.

Little did I know that this design thinking would help me pivot to a new career in just under a year after returning to New York. It helped me crystalize my passion for helping people and take a considered leap of faith to launch my own business.

My time at Daruma was educational and hugely transformative in a life changing way, I cannot recommend Neil and the Agile PDC more highly. Go study with Neil and see for yourself!

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Sue Rae, New York

I learned an enormous amount during my relatively brief time studying my PDC at Daruma. Having discovered permaculture and its principles whilst working with others on the 4 Person Eco Home in Taiwan, I was fairly new to permaculture, but had read one or 2 books, and watched a fair amount of video content.

My personal interests before doing my PDC were mainly earthen homes, rammed earth, natural building techniques and so on. But the scope of subjects within permaculture that could be explored, studied, and importantly for me, actually worked on with my own hands…this had captured my attention.

It seemed that whatever I had an interest in, whether it was the practical aspects of improving the soil microbiome, composting, effective microorganisms / indigenous microorganisms, or how to design & implement a permaculture project from start to finish, specific design methodologies, natural building techniques, or the myriad other branches of scientific enquiry that can be pursued, I certainly left Daruma feeling as though I had learned as much as I could absorb, and more, during the course.

The depth & breadth of Neil’s permaculture knowledge, along with his obvious talent at teaching & mentoring, was something I very much appreciated. Any topic I asked further questions about, Neil had volumes of pertinent information on-tap to either help me understand the basics, or broaden & deepen my understanding. One of the best teachers I have studied with.

My class notes alone are filled with enough information & references to stimulate years of research & application if I decided to.

The PDC at Daruma was as thorough academically as I had hoped for and more, with plenty of opportunities to explore the practical application of much of what I was learning. There are many natural building techniques employed on-site from Straw Bale to rammed earth (my pet favourite interest ;-), poured earth, and compressed earth brick walls running hundreds of metres around the farm. It is a fascinating place to come and learn, both from a hands-on practical, and academic / theoretical point of view.

My experiences during the PDC, and the time spent there with Neil acting as both a teacher and mentor, led to me taking the opportunity as a Course Coordinator & apprentice Co-Teacher at Daruma. This in itself has been invaluable in further expanding my knowledge and experience, not just of permaculture and natural building techniques, but also seeing first-hand what it takes to establish and maintain an ecovillage & intentional community such as Daruma & Mosaic School.

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Darren Roberts, InterConnected

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Volunteering, Internships & Apprenticeships near Bangkok Thailand

Volunteering, Internships & Apprenticeships near Bangkok Thailand

Volunteers, Interns & Apprentices

View all our permaculture courses in Thailand here, or hit the links take a look at our PDC, Retrosuburban PDC, and Intro to PDC permaculture courses, as well as FarmLab courses that apply permaculture to practical skills and EcoZoetic courses which will introduce behavioral realm aspects of permaculture living. We look forward to welcoming you on your visit.

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On-Site At Daruma Ecofarm

Take a video tour of Daruma, shot in 2015 by Jem Moore, award-winning director, musician, author, jet pilot, and all around Baroque kinda guy.

Things have developed considerably in the years after this shoot, and continue to do so.  The video still gives a good representation of some of the facilities, grounds and activities such as permaculture courses that take place at Daruma.

We are not a commercial farm meaning, Daruma is not purposefully engaged in the production of food products for sale. Rather, the central purpose of the farm is too provide an ecologically integrated, life-long learning environment. The production of farm products is therefore for pleasure, recreation, health, and learning. We do produce some organic fruits and vegetables as well as animal products and these are eaten by our family, staff, volunteers and students.

Above this, surplus can then be shared with friends and neighbors or sold. Daruma farm is not a ‘self-sufficiency’ farm but rather a way to practice self-reliance. We enjoy our relationship in the community as consumers and this also builds community resilience. We enjoy being involved in our local market as consumers and especially, Daruma and Mosaic volunteers enjoy the atmosphere of the nearby evening market.  You can find out more about Daruma here


The privately curated library at Daruma Ecovillage is stocked with over 800 books either with ‘Permaculture‘ actually in the title, or books that are directly related to the topics covered in our Permaculture Design Certificate (PDC) Courses and Natural Building Courses.

You can see a selected listing of the books by following this link to the Library page, and on the Library page itself, we have provided you a link to the ‘Library Thing’ website, which we use to catalogue our books.  That can be searched, filtered and ordered if you would like to check if we have a specific title before your visit.

Volunteering, Internships, Apprenticeships

It seems incredible, but since 2007, we have hosted over 800 PDC Students, WWOOF Volunteers and Interns from more than 36 countries. Even as the project expands educational offerings that fund our operational expenses, in consideration of the generosity and spirit of the volunteers that have given time and energy to help build our farm, we strive to continue to offer excellent volunteer opportunities as a part of the Daruma initiative towards life-long education in sustainability.

Visit our Volunteers, Interns & Apprentices page for more information.