LOCATION: Permaculture Courses, Thailand

Daruma & the village of Bang Phra are located only 15 minutes drive from the city of Siracha and it’s bustling night market, the ferry boats for Koh Sichang island and beaches of coastal resort Bang Saen.

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The village of Bang Phra is located only 15 minutes drive from the city of Siracha (also sometimes spelled as Sri Racha). Siracha has become a residential community for Japanese (and some Korean and Taiwanese) working in industry on the eastern seaboard of the Gulf of Thailand.

Therefore there are hundreds of Japanese restaurants (some of them actually good). Siracha has a department store/mall and a very large evening market, especially on weekends. Siracha is also the location where ferry boats depart for Koh Sichang (45 minute boat ride). This island makes a good day sightseeing trip and also has free beach camping and bungalows.

Asia’s and Thailand’s very first zero carbon store, this Tesco store in Bang Phra features lower wattage LED lighting, hydro-carbon powered fridges, rammed earth walls which are less carbon intensive to manufacture than concrete or steel, as well as a store design that maximizes natural light on the shop floor.

A wind turbine and a solar farm of PV cells power the store, while rainwater is collected to be used in the car wash and flush the store toilets.

Chonburi Mangrove Conservation Area
Raised walk paths allow visitors to casually stroll through the coastal mangrove forest. Mudskippers are always present ‘walking’ in the mud at low tide and perching in branches at high tide.
Bang Phra Lake
Swimming and boating (non-motorized) is available. Surrounded by several conservation areas and mountain bike course.

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