Permaculture Course Thailand

Come for your Permaculture Course in Thailand, and experience Daruma ecovillage at our incredible location only 1 hour from Bangkok (BKK) airport, on the Eastern seaboard of the Gulf of Thailand. The Permaculture Design Certificate Course, widely referred to as the PDC at Daruma requires 84 hours of class and practical design activities, and has been taught globally for decades now to students all over the globe.

The Transition Handbook

The Transition Handbook is about solutions. Solutions to a world in which oil is becoming scarcer, more expensive, and harder to find & extract. Community driven & created ‘Energy Descent Action Plans’ are the desired outputs.

Charcoal, Fire, Lye & Barbecuing

Charcoal has been used to make fires for thousands of years of human history. High temperatures made it useful in the Iron Age. High temperature & lack of smoke when burning, and higher energy density compared to wood, make it very attractive as a fuel for cooking.

Coming Soon

Daruma Ecofarm is a permaculture designed educational Ecovillage that has existed for over 10 years and is now more able than ever to host world-class permaculture courses in Thailand

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