To instill and cultivate self discipline, personal responsibility and an appreciation of learning by employing a student centered, integrated curriculum, rich in both intellectual development and creative expression.

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Ministry of Education Approved

Mosaic Learning Center is, in all likelihood, the world’s first alternative grade school with a curriculum designed using permaculture principles and ethics.

The curriculum and holistic methodology have also been validated with Mosaic children scoring in the top 97% of national standard testing!

Last year, the curriculum was completely approved by the Ministry of Education and Daruma Ecofarm and Mosaic are now Thailand’s first (and only) English-language based alternative learning center.

Mosaic school now has over 60 full-time students and is continually growing.


Mosaic School is a full-time, alternative school. Officially, Mosaic is licensed as a language school under Thailand’s Ministry of Education.

Working together with a home-school network and various official schools-of-record, Mosaic has offered a full-time, English based, integrated and student centered alternative to traditional school since 2012.

Tailored Education

Although the Mosaic program makes use of the Thai national curriculum as a base, learning is arranged with two principal hallmarks very different form traditional education pedagogy:

First, students are not arranged by ‘grades’ and they do not attend traditional ‘classes’ such as history. Rather the arrangement of students is varied by age and ability as well as by individual interest.

Learning Journey

Second, the flow of the study is according to the Mosaic Learning Journey which is a four part process involving discovery, exploration, investigation and mapping.

The learning journey follows a theme which lasts for between 1 and 2 months and keeps the children excited and connected to their own learning.

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