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Although our time is very much occupied during a Permaculture Design Course at Daruma, we do try to pack in as much as possible. A thorough review of the literature, is one of the things that is of course well outside the scope of a PDC. We do, however, have a physical Library on-site with over 1,000 books covering all the many fields that you could think of within any of the Permaculture Domains of Action.

So, an ‘optional activity’ is for Students to carry out a brief review of a book they would like, or that has been suggested to them by the Daruma team. Then, much the same as a 5×5 presentation session, each Student has the opportunity to present to the group, their own thoughts & findings from their book.

This activity facilitates rapid dissemination of information on key permaculture texts, as well as books that are particularly influential to permaculture thinking. We aim for 2 book reviews per student during the 2 week course, and this obviously exposes students to a wealth of knowledge that they can explore further after the course ends.

If students elect to participate in the Daruma PDC book review, of course they leave us a little more well-read, with a greater understanding & appreciation of the incredibly deep and diverse thinking upon which permaculture is founded and has evolved from.

We highly encourage all students to participate if they have the energy to do so!

See our Library Thing listing below for an up to date listing of books we have currently scanned in to our Library Thing account.  You can view our entire catalogue here at LibraryThing.

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