Daruma is a permaculture designed educational Ecovillage that has existed for over 10 years.

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Elements that currently make up Daruma include the school (Mosaic Learning Centre), accommodation for volunteers, interns, apprentices & staff, kitchens & cafeteria, living quarters for staff & family, library, FarmLab, aquaponics and various areas such as the chinampas, market garden, canals, rice paddy, integrated animal systems including fish, chickens, geese, dogs, sheep & a pig.

There is a high degree of diversity throughout all areas of Daruma and it continues to grow.  As do the many trees.

Find out more about our permaculture courses in Thailand here.

Intentional Community

Designed from the outset with permaculture principles in mind, the intention behind Daruma is to be a lifelong learning centre.   There is no particular spiritual doctrine.  Respect for others, old & young, and a natural curiosity & desire to learn seem to be common to all who visit here.

Everything on-site can and is used for educational purposes, as are resources in the local community, local market and other centres of education such as Rajamangala University.

‘Life Long Learning’ would seem to state the intention very well.

What Is An EcoVillage?

Without entering into a debate that could continue ad nauseum, we can quote the guys over at Global Ecovillage Network:

“An ecovillage is a traditional or intentional community with the goal of becoming more socially, culturally, economically, and ecologically sustainable.”

Daruma is hard to define in a sentence as it is constantly evolving and changing.  10 years ago, there were no structures, and nothing at all over head height.

Now trees are well up to the 3rd floor level of a full-time school that didn’t exist either.  We have received over 800 volunteers, interns, apprentices and students from 36 countries. Construction, planning and retro-fitting are nearly always underway as part of a continuous process of revising, refining & tweaking the initial plan.


Located just an hour from Bangkok Airport (BKK), on the Gulf of Thailand’s Eastern Seaboard, Daruma has a great location.  You can find out more here on the contact page for our permaculture & natural building courses.